What We Do
What is East Coast Italian Greyhound Rescue?
East Coast Italian Greyhound Rescue is a private organization made up entirely of volunteers. The group dedicates its time and energy to finding homes for homeless Italian Greyhounds and Italian Greyhound mixes.

Helping owners and dogs in crisis
We at ECIGR are here to help. Our goal, if possible, is to keep loving owners & their pets together during a crisis.

Where do the Rescue dogs come from?
The dogs that enter our program come to us in a number of ways. Often the dogs are given up due to no fault of the dog, but because an owner has moved, died, divorced or is unable to keep the dog for other reasons. Others come to us from shelters. Because the breed is now being sold in pet stores, many of our rescues are impulse buys from a pet store that did not work out. A quick purchase is made, giving little thought to the time and dedication is takes to raise that cute little puppy in the window. By rescuing a dog from us, you will give a much-needed home to a dog that, without your help, may have led a life of discomfort and fear, or may even have met with an untimely death. If an Italian Greyhound is the right breed of dog for you and your lifestyle, it will certainly repay you for your kindness with affection for years to come. There is no more loving breed, no more faithful companion. The relationship you will build with an Italian Greyhound is as strong as the bond you have with most people.

What ages/sexes are the Rescue dogs?
We get a variety of ages in the program. Most are young adults, under one or two years of age. Sometimes we get puppies. Older dogs also come into the program. With a lifespan of 14 to 16 years, all of these dogs can make wonderful pets. Males outnumber females. All dogs are spayed or neutered prior to placement. Occasionally people contact us who have very strong preferences about age, sex and color of the dog. Because we can not control what people abandon, the more open you are about sex, age and coat color, the more likely we will be to find a suitable dog for you.

How can I adopt an IG through East Coast IG Rescue?
Step 1 - Research!
First and foremost, familiarize yourself with the breed. The best place to do this is the Internet and talking to "neutral" people who own the breed (i.e. not those that are making a profit on it). Most books give you generalized and limited information. Many of the dogs in our program have been turned in because their previous owners did not do their research. This breed is not for everyone, and therefore we take great care in placing these dogs. House training can be done but does take work and patience. If an occasional accident (especially in cold or rainy weather) bothers you, then this is not the breed for you. Many also consider this breed to be demanding, as their greatest joy is to be with their person and they don't do well alone for long periods. Because of their bone structure and personality, they do not make a good companion for small children. Every breed has a "price" - some are barkers, some are diggers, and so on. The "price" of this breed is the difficulty in house training and the intense need for lots of affection. On the upside, they are the most loving and affectionate dogs you will come across.

Step 2 - Complete the application
Fill out an application completely.

Step 3 - Mail or E-Mail the application
Send your application to Mary Frankio and retain a copy for your records in case the foster home requests the information.

Step 4 - Follow up!
Follow up on your application, as we are volunteers and get many inquiries each day. Feel free to call and/or e-mail these parties. It is like applying for a job, the person who gets the job is the one who is not only qualified, but also follows up. We get lots of applications, so if you are qualified and meet the requirements, please don't be shy about following up! The responsibility for following up is with you, the person looking for just one dog, as our busy volunteers are working to help many dogs. Thank you for your efforts and understanding this area!

How will I be matched with a Rescue dog?
An East Coast IG Rescue representative will review your completed application. If he or she determines that you meet the requirements, you will go through an interview process, including a home check. If all goes well, the rep will begin searching for a suitable Rescue dog for you.

When you adopt a Rescue dog, you will be required to sign a simple adoption agreement. This agreement indicates that you plan to keep the dog as a pet, will care for the dog properly, and agree to contact East Coast IG Rescue if any situation develops which would require you to find a new home for your IG/IG mix.

Adoption Donation
East Coast Italian Greyhound Rescue does not sell dogs. We do, however, ask for a donation which helps to fund our group.

All East Coast IG Rescue dogs are taken to a veterinarian for a complete health work-up when they enter the program. They are spayed or neutered, brought up-to-date on vaccinations, and given a dental cleaning if necessary. Depending on the location where the dog currently resides, he or she may be put on heartworm preventative medication.

Your adoption fee, a minimum of $275, helps to cover these expenses and continue our work in saving other Italian Greyhounds or Italian Greyhound mixes.

Other Ways to Help


To make a donation to East Coast IG Rescue, please send a check or money order made out to "East Coast IG Rescue" and mail to the following address:

Mary Frankio
P.O. Box 13
Whitman, MA 02382

To make a donation by credit card click on the Paypal Donate button.

Donations made to East Coast IG Rescue are not yet tax deductible.

We are always in need of blankets, toys, collars, and leads. Please check with Mary Frankio to see if you can be of any assistance with fostering, home visits, transportation or even donations of food. East Coast IG Rescue is run solely by volunteers, any assistance you can offer will be greatly appreciated.