About Volunteering

East Coast IG Rescue has volunteers from all over New England, most of which own at least one Italian Greyhound. Without the help and dedication of our volunteers, our Rescue would not be as successful with placing surrendered Italian Greyhounds with their new forever home. There is always a need for help with transport, performing home visits, and fostering. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Mary Frankio at info@eastcoastigrescue.org, click to email

We can always use the help of volunteers who can foster, transport, or do home visits.


Foster families are temporary caregivers for rescued Italian Greyhounds until a permanent home can be found. Our foster homes are a critical part of Rescue and the number of dogs we can save relies heavily upon our foster homes availability. The responsibility of a foster home is to provide a safe and stable environment for the foster. Some Italian Greyhounds may require special care such as medical attention, increasing/decreasing weight, socializing, house breaking, and building trust. Some others just require your love and affection.

Working with a foster dog can be gratifying but can also be time consuming and emotional. You will get attached to your foster and your foster will get attached to you, especially the longer they are in your care. You need to be sure that you are prepared and willing to take on the challenge of helping the foster become an extraordinary pet and companion and have the ability to let them go to their new adoptive family.


We would prefer that our foster families are familiar with the breed. However, experience with another sight hound or small breed of dog would not be turned away.

Having a fenced in yard is considered a plus. Foster families without a fenced in yard must be able to leash walk their foster several times a day for exercise as well as potty breaks.

All other animals in the home must be heartworm tested and on heartworm preventative during HW season.

Any animals must be spayed or neutered unless they are used for show purposes.

A commitment to care for a foster dog until the best home is found for that dog is necessary. While some dogs are adopted within a few weeks, it’s not unusual for our foster dogs to stay with their foster families for several months.

Foster families may be asked to talk to and meet with potential adoptive families.

Foster families must also be prepared to let go. It’s not easy to let your fosters go, but realize that you are giving these dogs the wonderful gift of helping them when they were in need. To have opened your heart and your home and given a needy Italian Greyhound a second change is truly an amazing experience. By turning them over to their permanent home, you will be able to foster another Italian Greyhound in need if you so chose. If you can only save one more life, it is worth the world and the sadness to say goodbye.



Heartworm Testing and Preventative
Dentals (if needed)


Martingale Collar with Leash
Canine Recovery Dog ID Tag
Sweater or Coat for cold weather
Belly bands (if needed)
Crate for foster (if needed)