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The dogs available for adoption on our site will only be placed in the following States:
CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, and VT.

The adoption donation varies depending on the dog's age:
• Under 6 months - $350
• 7 months to 2 years - $325
• 3 years to 8 years - $300
• Over 8 years - $275 or discretion of Area Coordinator

Please review our "What We Do" page to learn how we get our rescues, learn about IG's and their characteristics, and learn about the adoption process. We would like to remind potential adopters that IG's are playful well into their teens and can easily live to be 14-16 yrs old, some even older! We have wonderful older iggies looking for homes. Please consider meeting one or a pair of them in person so you can see how wonderful they can be!

If you are a couple that is contemplating having children in the near future or if you currently have a young a child, please be sure that you are aware than an IG demands a lot of attention and can be very fragile. If you are interested in adopting, please be sure that your child is well behaved and understands that they need to be gentle with the dog.

If you are thinking of adopting an IG, please know that 95% of these guys/gals are BED BUGS, they prefer to sleep in bed and under the covers because unlike many other breeds they crave warmth and body heat, they are snuggle bugs to the max! If you prefer that your dog sleep elsewhere, please consider adopting a different breed as it may take several months before we get an IG in rescue that would be okay with not sleeping in bed. We MUST have your application in hand prior to having any discussions on specific dogs due to the increased volume of inquiries on our adoptable dogs.

The application can be printed from the link at the top of this page and must be completed and faxed or emailed with attention to ONE of the following people:

Mary Frankio (MA, ME, and VT)
781-523-1674 (phone)
781-447-0572 (fax)
click to email (email)

Jamie Ogden (Central MA)
508-443-4147 (phone)
774-243-1255 (fax)
click to email (email)

Joy McMahan (RI & CT)
206-795-7706 (phone)
702-925-6104 (fax)
click to email (email)

Cathy White (CT)
917-763-0205 (phone)
877-816-7886 (fax)
click to email (email)

Bob Fay (NH and ME)
603-204-5704 (phone)
603-589-9546 (fax)
click to email (email)

Wendy Hardy (NH and VT)
603-648-2203 (phone)
603-705-0014 (fax)
click to email (email)

Ann Bodkhe (Western MA)
413-625-9455 (phone)
click to email (email)

Glenn Brewer (Northern MA)
978-239-8178 (phone)
click to email (email)

We often have a list of approved homes waiting for dogs, so there are some IGs that don't make it onto our website. If you've researched the breed and think a rescued dog is for you, please submit an application, even if there is not a dog on our website in which you are interested. We may have more dogs in our rescue program than what are found on our site.



Oliver is a handsome 5 plus year old, neutered boy. He is very affectionate and cuddly. He is partially blind, seeing mostly out of his right eye. He gets around fine once he gets used to his surroundings. He will do well with an owner with previous blind dog experience. He does very well with other dogs, large and small, male or female. He is easy going and quiet. Loves getting under the blankets with you. He has interest in toys but needs someone to help him explore playing. He would do well in a fenced in area.

Oliver belongs to IGRF and is being fostered in NH.

For more information on Oliver, please contact Wendy at click to email (email)


Eddy is a wonderful 10 year old gentleman who just wants to snooze in front of the heater. He would enjoy going on daily walks. He is wee wee pad trained, leash trained and will go outside in a fenced area. He gets along with other dogs, large or small, male or female. He has an aloof attitude but is not aggressive or dominate. Eddy is a funny and quirky noise maker of little grunts, erps and squeaks. He will only bark if other dogs do. He will also greet his people when they come home. He would be a wonderful addition to a kind, understanding family.

Eddy belongs to IGRF and is being fostered in NH.

For more information on Eddy, please contact Wendy at click to email (email)


Max is a three year old sweetie pie who was found abandoned behind a dumpster. Max is a typical IG, very lovable and a lap dog. Gets along fine with other dogs, haven't tested him with the cats yet. He burrows under the blanket when he sleeps. He likes going for walks and is full of energy. He's gorgeous, white with mostly black head, white stripe down his nose.

Max belongs to IGRF and is being fostered in Ardsely NY.

For more information on Max, please contact Cathy at click to email (email)

Marco and Polo

Marco (red collar) and Polo (purple collar) are two very bonded brothers/litter mates who are 5 years old. They are both blue and white. They both weigh just less than 10 lbs. They are full of energy. Marco is shyer and laid back; he likes to sleep a lot. Polo is busier. They are full of kisses and have lots of love to give. They do like to sleep together in the same bed, and love to be under blankets. Unfortunately, they did lose a lot of teeth at their dental. We are working on potty habits; they are getting the idea of the use of the pee pads. They will go outside with encouragement. They are crate trained. We also gate them in the kitchen with a bed when we leave. They will be available for adoption soon; they need to be adopted together.

Marco and Polo belong to IGRF and is being fostered in NH.

For more information on Marco and Polo, please contact Bob at click to email (email)


Bailey is a sweet gentle laid back 8 year old Italian Greyhound who likes to snuggle and just hang out in a mellow setting with his owner. His favorite place is next to you in the bed or on the couch under the covers in true iggie style. He is so very soft and loving. He has the cutest snaggle tooth on the right side that sticks out. Bailey is just a snuggle bunny. He does well with other iggies and dogs, will be fine with children and is a bit timid at first about eating his food in front of you. I currently feed him in the crate so the other dogs do not steal his food. He is normally very quiet but if you leave him alone for too long he will exhibit mild signs of separation anxiety. Best to have a home where someone won't be gone too too long and probably would do better if not crated. He is VERY well potty trained and you can leave him out with out worry.

Bailey belongs to IGRF and is being fostered in CT.

For more information on Bailey, please contact Cathy at
click to email (email)


Milo is a 2 year old mixed breed Iggie. We think he is a either Half Min Pin / Half Iggie or Half Rat Terrier Half Iggie. In either case he has the body of an Iggie and the hair/coloring of a min pin. He is black with a brindle face and a few brindle stripes on his front legs. He is a beautiful dog and super smart. Full of energy and fun. He goes like the energizer bunny and does not stop moving . It was hard to get a picture of him. When he stops zooming around he just plops down on your lap and goes to sleep. He is a super fun dog and will be someones best buddy. He likes all the other dogs, he does well with the people so far and just wants to play play play. Milo will do well in a very active family and you just have to watch the doors and where you put the dog food. He knows how to open them up and get the food. Oh and did I mention he was extra cute? He might be the cutest mix we have seen to date.

Milo belongs to East Coast IG Rescue and is being fostered in CT.

For more information on Milo, please contact Cathy at
click to email (email)


Meet Rocky, a twelve year old fawn gentleman. Rocky is a quiet little guy and gets along with all the animals in his foster home. He ignores both the birds and bunny’s even when they are out of their cages. Rocky is very food motivated therefore he cannot be free fed and will need to have a structured feeding schedule. He is an active boy but also enjoys napping in his crate when the door is left open. He is up to date on all shots and will be having a dental done in the near future. Rocky has a lot of love to give to the right family.

Rocky belongs to IGRF and is being fostered in MA.

For more information on Rocky, please contact Jamie at
click to email (email)


Benny is estimated to be about 10-15 years old. He absolutely loves having his neck scratched and cuddling next to you. He loves to sleep and is very easy going. He is house trained and pee pad trained. Benny is fully vetted and waiting for their forever home.

Benny belongs to IGRF and is being fostered in MA.

For more information on Benny, please contact Jamie at
click to email (email)